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Tailored Solution to Efficient Digital Learning
Helping a school district successfully implement a systematic, adaptable workflow system for teachers and students to help maximize their device learning initiative producing strong adoption, improved learning, higher student engagement, and more creative and critical thinking

Transforming Classrooms into Digital Learning Centers

Helping a high poverty school district make a positive difference with their 1:1 learning initiative and implement a comprehensive, easy to use workflow system that is producing an easy to use, highly adopted process which is reducing teacher frustration and making student-teacher workflow more manageable and accessible for all
Cost-Effective Technology

Helping a school district successfully adopt a more consistent BYOD initiative with seamless access to digital workflow across various devices resulting in a successful shift from traditional paper to a digital process with significant cost savings and increased focus on learning, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration
Solving Workflow Issues and More

Helping a diverse school district successfully complete a leveled 1:1 device rollout designed to overcome challenges faced when changing from traditional paper based workflow to a digital platform resulting in happy teachers and students that are more motivated and engaged in learning outcomes and collaboration across the district
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